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The Difference Between Certified Pre-Owned and New Vehicle Warranty

The Difference Between Certified Pre-Owned and New Vehicle Warranty

A Porsche isn’t just a car—it’s a dream. From the 911 to the two-time Kelly Blue Book Best Buy Award winning 718 Boxster, these luxury vehicles are pristinely designed and built for speed. If you’re a Porsche aficionado, this isn’t anything new. You probably know that Jerry Seinfeld has an extensive collection of Porsches and that the brand was named after its creator, Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche. Something that you may not know is that all of Porsche’s certified pre-owned vehicles are accompanied by a warranty, as are their new vehicles, and that this warranty is one of the very best on the market.

Certified pre-owned vehicles have been previously owned, but thoroughly inspected before being put back on the market. A mechanic verifies that all parts of the engine are in working order and that it meets Porsche’s highest standards. From there, the car is released to a dealership where it’s sold, along with a warranty. It’s a program that Porsche is extremely proud of. While it may sound similar to other car manufacturers’ pre-owned vehicle programs, the quality of Porsche’s warranty is what sets it apart. What’s the difference between a certified pre-owned warranty and a new vehicle warranty?

New Vehicle Warranty

Porsche doesn’t anticipate that there will be any issues with your new vehicle. If a problem does occur, though, they’ll stand behind their work. For that reason, they’ve designed an excellent warranty program for new vehicles. Whether you pick up your Porsche from the dealership or you have it delivered to you, the warranty period begins once your vehicle is in your hands.

On each of their models, Porsche provides a 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty. This is a limited bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers the powertrain, electronics, and other components. Included in this warranty is a 24-hour roadside assistance program. If any genuine Porsche products, parts, or accessories are purchased and used outside of this warranty, they’re individually guaranteed for an additional two years or 24,000 miles.

Porsche has designed the exterior of its cars to last. Because of this, there’s a 12-year, unlimited miles corrosion and perforation-limited warranty. This means that if any rust or puncture holes occur to your Porsche’s body shell due to corrosion, it’s covered by the warranty.

Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

Many people hesitate to buy a used car because it doesn’t come with the security of a warranty. Porsche has remedied this problem by designing the certified pre-owned program. This specialty program is unique to Porsche and differentiates it from the competition. Porsche has named its certified pre-owned program “Porsche Approved.” Each used car must meet the highest of standards before it can be resold as Porsche Approved. Because of their confidence in their manufacturing and design, Porsche goes above and beyond their original warranty period to ensure that buyers are getting their money’s worth.

The 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty still applies to the Porsche model, even after it’s been sold. The warranty simply transfers to the next owner. On top of the original warranty, an extension is included. Instead of the warranty being limited to 4 years, it’s extended to 6 years. This leaves you with a 6-year 50,000-mile warranty.

In some cases, a buyer may purchase a CPO car that’s outside of the original warranty period. Porsche has recently decided to extend its warranty period. Now, cars that are up to 8 years old qualify for a certified pre-owned warranty. An additional 2-year coverage is now offered to those who purchase a Porsche dealership outside of the traditional warranty. Before purchasing your Porsche approved CPO, talk to your salesman about your warranty dates. This ensures that there’s no misunderstanding about when your warranty ends.

Buying a Porsche may seem like an expensive pipe dream. That’s why the Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Approved models are so appealing. They make it possible to own your favorite luxury vehicle at a fraction of the price.

Whether you choose a new Porsche or a used Porsche Approved vehicle, one thing is clear—your car will be covered by one of the best warranties on the market. If you have questions or concerns regarding Porsche’s warranty program, consult with the professionals at Porsche Cars North America. Our sales staff is ready and willing to assist you. From sales consultations to warranty inquiries, we’re dedicated to providing the very best customer service.

Date Posted: April 5, 2018

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