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Reasons to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Today

Reasons to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Today

There’s no substitute for a Porsche. Every time you drive one, you’re reminded why Porsche stands out from the competition. Since 1948, Porsche has been designing and building performance cars with one single-minded goal: to create the perfect sports car.

In the very beginning, company founder Ferdinand Porsche searched high and low but could not find the car of his dreams, so he decided to build it himself. That dream of the perfect sports car continues to drive the designers, engineers, and innovators at Porsche today. Every concept, every development, and every new model gets them closer to their goal. Underlying everything they do is the Porsche Principle, which is to get the most out of everything. This passion for perfection is reflected in every part of the car: the feel of the interior leather, the look of the car, and the sound of the engine are all perfect.

This quest for perfection also explains why Porsche is ranked by Kelly Blue Book as having the best resale value across all luxury brands. Porsche coupes, convertibles, sedans, and SUVs hold their value better than any other luxury car on the market. Porsche’s high-performance heritage, unblemished reputation, and growing array of vehicles that all stay true to Porsche’s core values means yesterday’s Porsches are just as valuable as today’s. Couple that with Porsche’s unbeatable certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle program and, just like that, owning the car of your dreams is completely within your reach. 

Porsche CPO: What It Means

What makes Porsche’s CPO vehicle program so attractive? First and foremost is the Porsche reputation for perfection. When you purchase a Porsche CPO car, you get a car that Porsche stands behind. Every Porsche CPO vehicle bears the Porsche Approved stamp, which means the car meets all Porsche standards for performance and quality. To qualify for Porsche Approved CPO status, a car must meet the following requirements:

    Age. Qualifying cars are from the current model year or the eight previous model years

    Mileage. Cars that meet the age requirement and have less than 100,000 miles are eligible.

    Quality. Before receiving the Porsche Approved stamp, vehicles are subjected to a thorough 111-point inspection performed by factory-trained technicians. This careful inspection covers mechanical, cosmetic, and visual features. Any repairs or replacements are made using only original Porsche parts.

    Preparation. Every approved pre-owned Porsche meets all the quality standard you expect. Porsche Approved vehicles have all service requirements up to date and have been professional prepared by Porsche technicians.

When you see the Porsche Approved stamp, you can trust that the car conforms to all of Porsche’s exacting standards and that it has been meticulously prepared and restored to its original form by the best technicians in the world.

Porsche CPO: What You Get

When you purchase a Porsche CPO vehicle, not only do you get one of the best cars in the world, you get the full backing and confidence of Porsche. Porsche stands behind all its Porsche Approved CPO cars and does so with the best, most comprehensive CPO warranty in the industry. Porsche is so confident in the quality of their CPO vehicles, they offer the following warranty benefits to all owners:

    For vehicles still covered by their original factory warranty, the CPO warranty extends the original warranty by 2 additional years, essentially giving that car a 6-year warranty.

    For models that are no longer covered by the original factory warranty, the CPO warranty offers 2-year, bumper-bumper coverage from the date of the CPO purchase.

    No CPO vehicles are subjected to mileage constraints on the warranties for the duration of the warranty period.

    CPO warranties are fully transferable within the warranty timeframe, should you decide to sell your vehicle.

    There are no deductibles for repairs, so you won’t pay anything out of pocket if a covered item needs repair during the warranty period.

    All work done on your car during the warranty period will be done by Porsche technicians with genuine Porsche parts.

You won’t find a better CPO warranty on the market anywhere.

Date Posted: March 5, 2018

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