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Key Differences Between Cayman GT4 and the Cayman Clubsport Version

Key Differences Between Cayman GT4 and the Cayman Clubsport Version

They’re among the greatest-performing vehicles anywhere. Since its first release over a decade ago, the Porsche Cayman has been a racetrack-ready car with all the style, comfort, and reliability you expect from a luxury brand like Porsche.

But there are two versions of the Porsche Cayman this year: the GT4 and the Clubsport. So what’s the difference between each version? If you’re shopping for a luxury car, you may be torn between the GT4 and the Clubsport. Which is the right investment for you? Is one significantly better than the other, or do they just perform differently to suit different lifestyles and driving tastes?

Before you shop for your new Porsche, review the following differences between the Cayman GT4 and Clubsport.


In terms of appearance, the two are hard to differentiate. Both have the sleek, smart exterior you’d expect from Porsche two-seater sportscar. The Cayman GT4 is a luxury car with a powerful engine in the mid-engine platform, manual transmission, and a sophisticated design that makes it aerodynamic and high-performing, especially for a street car. The Cayman Clubsport, meanwhile, is the sportscar version of the Cayman, designed for racing and upgraded with special features to help you reach impossibly high speeds. While the former is designed for comfort and sophistication during high-performance drives, the latter omits the comfortable features you might expect of a high-end car. However, its supreme engineering makes a Cayman Clubsport the best choice for a daring driver.  


One of the chief differences between the Clubsport and GT4 Caymans is the perception of each one. The GT4 is a more street-appropriate car, one that is more viable for everyday use, and it’s less likely to be seen on a racing track. The Clubsport, meanwhile, is a designated racetrack vehicle. From its roll cage for high-speed safety to its extra-sleek, aerodynamic wing, the Clubsport is designed to handle top speeds and daring driving. While the GT4 is seen as more precious, a luxury investment like fine formalwear that should be maintained in perfect condition, the Clubsport is made to get dirty. However, you’d probably hesitate to take a Clubsport on a drive to run errands.

Cayman 2


The Porsche Cayman Clubsport has a bare-bones, stripped interior. Painted metal surfaces and a grip-taped floor are minimal and made for functional driving. No extra weight is added to affect performance. While the gauge cluster is the same in both the Clubsport and GT4, the Clubsport is better designed for performance driving rather than everyday transportation, especially because it lacks HVAC features. For more precise, performance driving, the Cayman GT4’s manual shift stick is replaced with a PDK box in the Clubsport version.


While both versions of the Cayman have antilock brake features, the GT4 has factory ABS that’s more functional for everyday driving safety. The racing version, meanwhile, has a motorsport-oriented control knob that allows the driver to input their desired level of ABS intervention, based on specific driving conditions.

Drivers of the Clubsport have reported excellent performance features, like tighter turning, the ability to shift gears while driving through corners, and the ability to shift down 3 gears at once. However, the GT4 still offers amazing performance for a street car, and it could certainly blaze a trail on the racetrack. After all, the GT4 has a sports driving mode feature built in.

Cayman 3

Making a Decision

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong when you choose a Porsche Cayman vehicle, or any Porsche vehicle for that matter. If you want style, smarts, and performance that could compete with any other vehicle worldwide, a Cayman is the way to go. But if you want a vehicle for everyday use, the GT4 is the perfect streetcar that gives you the taste and sensation of driving like a professional stunt driver. If you’re serious about motorsports, though, the Clubsport is the one of the most competitive, high-performing cars that exists.

But maybe you won’t know which vehicle is right for you until you get behind the wheel of a real Porsche Cayman. Visit your local Porsche Cars North America dealership to see a Cayman GT4 or Clubsport for yourself, and learn more about which version of this top-of-the-line sportscar is right for you. You can even learn how to customize your vehicle, so it looks and performs precisely to your liking. When it comes to selecting the perfect car, Porsche puts the power in your hands.

Date Posted: October 18, 2018

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