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Hidden Features of the Porsche Boxster You Probably Didn’t Know

Hidden Features of the Porsche Boxster You Probably Didn’t Know

Many people will tell you the 718 Boxster exemplifies automotive excellence. With a low center of gravity and superb suspension, the dynamics are almost perfect. Even a novice feels like a pro when driving one. To quote one proud owner, "I dreamed of owning a Porsche. This car, well, it looks like a dream, drives like a dream, is a dream."

You probably already know a lot about the Porsche Boxster, but did you know the Porsche Car Connect system—which provides remote vehicle-status updates, remote services, and vehicle tracking—is now included as standard? Porsche has a few other surprises, often called Easter eggs. That's the term used in the car world to describe a hidden feature. There are a few features of the Boxster that many people don't know about.

Here are a few.

Opening the Window

Did you know you don't have to get in the car to open the window? Simply hold down the button on the key fob and watch the windows go down. Need to close them again? Just hold down the button again and up they go.

Spoiler Alert

Did you know you can adjust the rear spoiler using a handy button located near the fuse panel? Put your key in the ignition and turn it without turning on the engine. Pressing the button will enable you to raise or lower the Boxster’s rear spoiler without leaving your seat.

How's the Oil?

Did you know that if you put the key in the ignition and turn it without starting the engine, you'll get a digital read out of your oil? 

Power Saver Remote Locking

You probably know that the Boxster’s key fob enables remote locking, but did you know that it deactivates after seven days to save power? To reactivate, simply insert the key into the lock and turn it without opening the door. The remote locking fob will be activated once again.

Gold Boxster

Need a Tow?

In the event that your car needs towing, you need to know where the eye bolt is that attaches to your front bumper. It can be found in the tool packet in the front trunk behind the spare wheel. To get the tool pack, open up the covering on the spare tire and unscrew the fastening. Remove the cover and you'll find the tool pack roll, which includes the eye bolt.

Using the flat head of the screwdriver from the tool pack (one end of the removable shank is a flat head, the other is a Phillips head) pry the cap near the license plate off, insert the eye bolt and tighten it. Now you're ready for the tow. Using the eye bolt, they can pull the whole car up onto the tow truck.

Red Boxster Side

Headlight bulb out?

The tool pack also includes a tool (that somewhat resembles a 2-piece Allen wrench) for opening up your headlight. Open the panel inside the trunk to access a small rubber knob. Pull the knob off and insert the straight piece of the tool, using the l-shaped piece as a handle. Turn clockwise until you hear a snap, then rotate the tool to push the headlight out until you can slide the whole assembly out.

Once the headlight assembly is out, remove the end cover and wiggle the wire connector off. Now push down on the wire loop and pull it toward you until it comes loose. Lift up the wire loop and you can easily remove and replace the headlight bulb. 

Silver Boxster

An interesting tidbit you may not know is that the high beam and low beam are the same bulb. Should you find yourself in a situation where both low beams are out, you can switch your high beam bulb into the low beam so you'll have enough light to get home.

You can easily re-assemble the pieces by simply reversing the way you took them apart. To put the headlight assembly back, align the points into the rails, then slowly and gently push the whole assembly in while rotating the tool counterclockwise until it snaps. Replace the rubber knob and make sure it's fully seated. Put the panel back in place beneath the rubber trimming. Replace the fastener and tighten it to hold the panel in place and everything's back to normal.

The Boxster combines the prestige of a luxury car, the practicality of a crossover, and the power of Porsche engineering. Discovering a few hidden secrets like the ones we've shared just adds to the pleasure of owning one.

Date Posted: December 14, 2018

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