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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a CPO Vehicle

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a CPO Vehicle

Many words come to mind when you think about Porsche. Luxury. Performance. Engineering. Sexy. Speed. Value. Wait…what? Value? Sure, Porsche is known for many superlatives: the best engineering, the finest materials, and unrivaled performance, just to list a few, but is it really fair to say that Porsche offers the best value?

Kelly Blue Book certainly thinks it is. For two years running, the Porsche 718 Boxster has won the much-coveted KBB Best Buy Award in the performance car category. Not only that, Porsche continues to rank high among experts for producing cars that are consistently among the best at maintaining their value over time. But perhaps the most compelling reason Porsche deserves a reputation for value is its certified pre-owned (CPO) car program. Porsche’s CPO program is one of the best in the industry, making Porsche pre-owned vehicles the best performance car values on the market.

What makes Porsche’s CPO program so fantastic? First and foremost, Porsche takes their cars and the CPO program seriously. A Porsche automobile is created to provide pure driving pleasure and absolute engineering integrity and, when Porsche puts its Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle stamp on a vehicle, it means the vehicle delivers on all its promises exactly as intended. Eligible vehicles include those from the current model year and of the eight previous model years that have less than 100,000 miles. If that’s not enough for you, here are 3 additional reasons you should consider a Porsche pre-owned vehicle.


The Porsche CPO warranty program is compelling. It’s made up of two basic components. First, if the vehicle is still under factory warranty, the CPO program extends that 4-year/50,000-mile warranty by 2 years. If the vehicle is no longer covered by a factory warranty, the CPO plan offers bumper-to-bumper coverage for 2 years, beginning on the date of the CPO purchase. In both cases, CPO owners have no mileage limitations or constraints on the warranty. In addition, the CPO warranty is fully transferable, so, if you decide to sell, you can pass along the coverage to the new owner. There's also no deductible required by the plan for repairs, so you’ll have zero out-of-pocket costs on repairs to covered items during the warranty period.


To earn the Porsche Approved grade, the pre-owned vehicle must pass a 111-point inspection. Only a handful of vehicles will earn this status. Factory-trained technicians conduct these inspections of the car’s mechanical and cosmetic condition. If a vehicle falls short in any area, it will not be Porsche Approved. From front headlamps to the rear exhaust and everything in between, CPO vehicles receive a complete evaluation. Repairs or replacements are done according to established Porsche procedures with genuine Porsche parts and components, and all refurbishments to the vehicle’s interior or exterior are done to meet Porsche’s exacting quality control standards. All this is done to ensure that, when you drive a Porsche Approved CPO car, you will experience the pure pleasure of driving a Porsche precisely as the Porsche designers and engineers intended. This undeviating commitment to quality means you can be confident in your purchase of a Porsche CPO vehicle.


If the warranty and the inspection aren’t enough to convince you, the Porsche Roadside Assistance program will sweeten the pot even more. This program comes with all Porsche Approved CPO cars and offers the benefit of security while on the road anywhere in the United State or Canada for the duration of the warranty.

The roadside assistance program includes services such as the following:

  • Battery jump starts
  • Lockout services
  • Replacement keys
  • Flat-tire assistance
  • Fuel delivery
  • Extraction and winch aid
  • Trip interruption expenses if your vehicle becomes indisposed, including assumption of onward, homeward, transport, or collection costs

Estimates are that upwards of 70 percent of all the Porsches ever built are still on the road today, which is a record that speaks for itself. When you own a Porsche, you get a vehicle that provides you with pure driving pleasure each and every time you get behind the wheel. Your Certified Pre-Owned Porsche will give you access to all the best Porsche has to offer: speed, luxury, precision, and yes, value. Don’t hesitate—take a look at Porsche Certified Pre-Owned vehicles today and begin your Porsche driving adventure!

Date Posted: March 9, 2018

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